Connections Search and Filter

Connections are users in the system that can be assigned Items or have administrative functions. Connections can be an Admin, Employee, or Virtual. This article will cover how to search your Connections.


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Search for Connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Search for Connections

There are 2 ways to find Connections in ShareMyToolbox Web Portal. 

  1. Search Bar
  2. Filters


  • Search using the Search Bar in the Connections Menu.
    • Search using First Name, Last Name, or Email


  • To narrow your Search, use the following Filters:
    • Role
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Location
  • Click APPLY to view results
  • Click Reset to remove Filters

❓Frequently Asked Questions

▼ Can you search for Connections using the Mobile App?

For our Enterprise accounts, only Admins can see the Connections management menu in the Mobile App. Employees will be able to select available Connections when taking action on Items. 

▼ I have a personal free ShareMyToolbox account. Is there a way to share Connections between my free and paid accounts?

No. It is not possible to share between free and paid accounts at this time.