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This article covers how to log into your company assigned ShareMyToolbox profile on the mobile app and Web Portal.


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Signing In
Mobile Profile
Web Portal Profile
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Signing In


If you are an employee of an Enterprise account, your log-in credentials will be provided to you. Do not create a new account through the sign up process. 

Mobile App

To Sign in to your company created ShareMyToolbox account, download the ShareMyToolbox app for iOS or Android:

Download on the App Store
Android App on Google Play

Web Portal

To sign in via the Web Portal, visit https://portal.sharemytoolbox.com/login/ 


Mobile - Profile

From the mobile app main menu, click on the Profile icon to view/edit your Profile.


Tip: If you have multiple Profiles, you can also flip between them here using the "SWITCH ACCOUNT" option at the top of the screen. 


The Profile displayed will vary based upon the role:

Company Role

  • The role will display as Company under the name
  • There will be a link to display Employees and Virtual Connections 

Employee Role

  • The role will display as Employee under the name
  • There will not be a link to display Connections since the Employee role is only connected to an Enterprise account

Edit Profile

On the profile screen, click Edit to edit your profile. (See top right corner of the above picture)

Display Picture

Click on Replace Picture to add or replace your profile picture. You will be able to take a new selfie or choose a picture from your photo library.  


All your other profile information can be modified except your email address. If you are an Employee role, contact your enterprise admin to change your email. 

Display Company

Enable this option to display a Company name to other users rather than your personal name. If this is enabled, type your company name in the box above and select your industry classification. This option will not be available to employee roles. 

Click Save to save your changes. (In the top right corner)


Web Portal - Profile

When viewing the Profile tab on the Web Portal, you'll see three drop-down options:


On this page, you'll be able to edit your account information similarly to the mobile app.

Account Settings

You'll see two options as the Primary Administrator. 

1. "Auto Accept Item Assignments Enabled/Disabled"

If enabled, this will allow an Admin to loan a tool to an Employee without the Employee having to confirm receipt of the item. Conversely, Employees will also be able to borrow tools without an Admin confirmation. Enabling this setting from the Primary Administrators' Account Settings will enable the setting for everyone. By default, this is disabled. 

Tip: "Auto Accept Item Assignments" can be enabled on a per Employee basis on the Connections tab. If enabled on a company level, you will not see the toggle displayed in the individuals' user permissions.


2. "Allow Item Transfer to Virtual Connections Enabled/Disabled"

By default this is enabled. This setting allows all Administrators to place tools with Virtual Users. We'd recommend this be left on, unless you'd like to restrict other Admins from utilizing Virtual Connections. See our article on Connections for more information about Virtual users.

Reset Password

Here you can reset your password, if needed.