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The Dashboard of the Web Portal and the Home tab in the mobile app is where you can see an overview of items and their status. This is also where you’ll see important notifications and action items.



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Status Cards


Actions, Reminders, and Info


Status Cards

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On the Dashboard and Home tab you can easily see your total Items and the number of Items in each status type:

Available: Items that are available to Borrow or Loan. 

Pending: Your Items that are currently requested to be Borrowed/Loaned but have not been approved yet.

Loaned: Items that are currently marked as Loaned.

Borrowed: Items you have Borrowed. 

Consumables: Consumable Items that are available to use but aren’t expected to be returned (tape, caulk, etc).  


Note: Not all users will see all of the same status categories. For example, an employee may only see Available, Borrowed, and Consumables while a Company Admin would see additional Items Status cards. 

Tip: Tap on any of the status cards to see a Search results view that is filtered by that particular status. 




The Map displays all of your active Locations visually. 



Admin Tip: To manage your Locations, click on the Locations menu item in the Web Portal. 


Employee Tip: Use the Map to visually get an idea of all of the Locations your Company has set up. When looking for an Item, depending on your company’s policy, you may find what you need at various available locations.  

Actions, Reminders, and Info

Part of the ShareMyToolbox Dashboard and Home tab includes important information and action items for you to take. 

Mobile App Tip: On the Home tab, if you have any Tasks, Reminders, or Notifications, ShareMyToolbox will show you the number at the top of the screen. 


Simply tap on the ↓ down arrow to reveal

Tap the X on the top right of the screen to return to the Dashboard.







Action Tasks: These are Tasks that require you to do something, such as responding to a request from a Connection. 






Reminders: Reminders will let you know when you have Items that are on or past their due date to return, or when a Due Date was created on a Note. 






Information: These are notifications for your information, such as a Connection accepting or rejecting a Loan request.